Shop at the Figo

Bring home a piece of the Figo with you by purchasing one of your stylish items that’s perfect for your everyday use, or any of the artwork pieces placed in the different part of our hotel.

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The artwork pieces are made by various talented artists from across the globe. Profit would go directly to the artist.   List of items for you to bring home:

  • Water Tumbler: HK$60
  • Mug: HK$55
  • Phone Pouch: HK$40
  • Tote Bag: HK$30
  • Shoe Bag: HK$25
  • Pencil with box: HK$15
  • Hair Dryer Bag: HK$15
  • Sticker (5 pcs per pack): HK$10
  • Artwork pieces: Price varies, please contact us for further information.