Unique Yoga Classes in Hong Kong

While you are living in a busy city like Hong Kong, yoga classes can always help you to relax and detox your mind. Here’s the list of unique yoga classes that you may be interested!


(Photo credit: @breatheasy.hk)

Yoga Studio: Breatheasy SUP Yoga in Mui Woo

Dog yoga is not very common in Hong Kong as the studio needs to be dog-friendly, we highly recommend Breatheasy SUP Yoga in Mui Woo which offers “doga” with indoor or outdoor setting! It’s a great chance for dogs and dog owners to share the passion in yoga and socialize with others. If you haven’t try it, browse their website now and book for the weekend!


Yoga Studio: Karma Yoga in Causeway Bay

Aerial Yoga will introduce you to the joy of support and suspension.

It will combine playfulness, alignment, yoga and breath, to create a unique practice. The focus will be on learning to work with the fabric to support your asana. Sink deeper into your yoga practice, find effortless inversions and allow yourself to surrender to the Aerial hammock and it’s benefits.


Yoga Studio: Yoga Room in Sheung Wan

Mum & Baby Yoga class is a wonderful playtime for both you and your baby. You will discover essential tips on gentle stretches and learn how to feel more connected with your baby and look after your body after pregnancy. While there will be lots of creative and fun ideas for mums to practice yoga postures with their babies, including a “baby yoga” sequence, you will also learn how to relax your baby and bond in a non-verbal way. The practice is so simple yet so powerful in what it conveys – your love, your understanding and your attention.


Yoga Studio: Five Elements Habitat in Causeway Bay

Let’s get sweat in the yoga room! Doing yoga in a heated room is specifically designed to activate the entire body, using heat to stretch deeper, prevent injury and flush out toxins.