Interview with Jen & Tawnia @WULT

Woke Up Like This (WULT) is a local beauty brand that aims to bring confidence and vegan beauty to all by way of a plant-based and EWG-checked series of colour cosmetics so every girl can proudly scream I WOKE UP LIKE THIS! We’ve interviewed Jenn and Tawnia, the founders of WULT, very excited to know about their stories of starting the brand and their future plans!

1. Hi Jenn and Tawnia, could you please introduce WULT?

Two besties, One mission: Accomplished with mega-watts of joy!

Created by Hong Kong influencers Jenn Lam (@PumpkinJenn) and Tawnia Lai (@thebabygirlo), WULT – Woke Up Like This aims to bring confidence and cruelty-free beauty to all by way of color cosmetics and vegan skin care to marry function, performance, and FUN!

Made in LA, based in HK. All products are formulated, designed, and marketed by a full Gal Pal team in Hong Kong, and everything about WULT is about women empowerment and creativity! In WULT’s hands, your skin is powdered with love and dusted with magic, and when the glitters and colors have been wiped away, you can still proudly scream (or #) I WOKE UP LIKE THIS!

2. What were the reasons you decided to start WULT?

The word “self love” really touched us, struggling with insecurities every single day even today.

We realised that a lot of beauty perceptions are man made after seeing ad after ad of models with flawless perfect skin make us feel inadequate, there’s no amount of skin care or makeup we can apply to simply wipe away all your flaws. That’s when we realised the problem is not on us.

And so we NEEDED a beauty brand that could make us feel beautiful just by taking good care of our skin, we learn to appreciate our natural beauty but we couldn’t do this alone we want to invite all girls who feel the same, so together we can all feel adequate.

3. What was the biggest challenge while building the brand?

“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” an inspiring quote but also easier said than done. We are both very passionate in trying new stuff and ready to step out of our comfort zone in the beauty industry and we were always looking for the trendiest look and the IT beauty product for our
Gal Pals.

However, as we grow older, we came to realise that if we don’t select our makeup carefully, or if we don’t use it in the right way, the health of our skin will be compromised. So we definitely look for hybrid formulas that combine skin care and makeup, so it gives us the colorful magic we like while also taking care of our skin, so in a sense, we want beauty that is not guilty!

4. Why do you think WULT has achieved such great success in only two years?

To not be a perfectionist, as building a startup requires your thought, time, and energy in every single step of the way, and if you dwell into one aspect for too long you will end up crashing into deadlines, resulting in a lot of stress and troubleshooting. So we’ve learned to pace our time as well as set acceptance benchmarks, and delegate the work to teammates to train and empower them. The result is very fulfilling because it has built trust among the team, as the beauty is seeing how we’ve grown together as a team, truly living our brand motto of “everything girls do, we do them better together!”

5. Are you launching any new products soon? We would love to know more!

Our Gal Pals asked for it! We did it! We have developed a 90% skin care base, light makeup formula that not only diminishes the visual appearance of maskne, yet seeks to nurture and heal the skin in order to return its original, refined finish. Containing skin hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, skin nourishing Squalene, skin detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial Star Anise extract; we are confident that our all new Earthly Minerals Hyaluronic Acid Concealer will be beyond your imagination. Our concealer will be released in three tints that fuse naturally with your skin tone.

Come and visit us at B245 Times Square Causeway Bay!